Kindergarten worries

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My 5 year old son has never been in preschool and I am starting to worry about the transition to kindergarten. What has been other mom's experiences with this scenario?


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Generally, now, most schools will have a meet and greet day, where you can take your little man in to meet his teachers, see the school, and learn where things are.

This is your time, mom, to show your little man that you know that he will be fine at this (to him) big scary building that he's not familiar with. Take him in, show him EVERYTHING that you can think of. Show him the bathrooms, and that it's ok to ask for help if needed in there, and that girl teachers CAN go into the boy's restroom if needed. Show him the room, where he'll sit, what fun things they have in that room, etc. Show him exactly where you'll drop him off and pick him up, show him the fun playground equipment...

Basically, show him how much fun you know he'll be having.

Now, if they don't have a meet and greet, you can contact the school a couple of weeks ahead of time, and request a teacher meeting, in the room. Most will accommodate.

A word of warning, too...LOL...and meant with all the love in the world: This is going to be, for you, the hardest thing you've done to date. Expect it! And carry tissues...LOL My son told me I wasn't allowed to cry...that he was a big boy...LOL...and I tell you, I had to hold it until I got out of the building. So, when it came time for his brother's turn, he had some sage advice "Mom's gonna cry...I guarantee it...Don't let it bother you...I hear women are that way" This from a 7 yo to his 4 yo brother...LOL

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