kindergartener has been in school suspension 7 times in 2 months?

Stephanie - posted on 10/16/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




Help! Am I over reacting or is the school? My kindergartner is very energetic and gets bored easily. She is called a high energy child and does not have ADD OR ADHD, but the school is trying to get me to have her re evaluated. They want her on meds, I think so they don't have to deal with trying to get her to follow instructions or stay in her seat. Their first idea was to keep a highly energetic child out of PE and recess. How does this help when she has to much energy? I tried to tell them she reacts well to positive reinforcement or just taking whatever she has away and ignoring the request for bad attention. Their next response was to put her in in school suspension....for kicking a kid. Ok, I get she kicked someone, but the kid she kicked has been picking on her and they did nothing. She got in ISS. Then she spit on a table and was sent. She has been sent for talking back, not staying in her seat and for cutting a back pack with safety scissors. Why did she have scissors when school was letting out? This last time when in ISS she was given crayons and pics to color for the entire day. She had to sit in a chair for hours and wasn't allowed up. After four hours she refused to sit anymore and told them no. Then she yelled at them she wasn't sitting anymore. When they tried to make her she shoved her desk away and and kicked at her chair. They suspended her. A five year old for kicking a chair because shed had to sit in it four hours. They now want to put her in a special program for children with behavior problems? She doesn't do this at home. She didn't do it in pre k. She is good with her cousins and my friends and their kids. SHe doesn't always listen, but how is she supposed to learn to interact well at school if she isnt in class? OH, and the school has twice forgotten they removed her from the class and had to go back for her while I waited in line to pick her up. I found out she'd been put in an empty classroom and been watched through the windows between the classes the entire day? Then they forgot her? They have her sit (when she is actually in class) alone at a desk away from everyone while they all share tables. THe other kids have noticed she is treated differently and now tell on her for everything. The teacher thought it was "cute". I see it as the kids see how the adults treat her and are copying it. MY daughter came home and told me she was told she was bad and that the other kids don't like her anymore. I want to pull her out and drive her across town to her previous school. I ran into her Pre K teacher who advised me to do this. She said the school I am at has a strict no tolerance system and that they had probably already labeled my child as the bad kid?


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Have you actually hadADD and ADHD totally ruled out by a professional? I'm just curious.

Either way, there is no excuse for some of the behaviour you have outlined. It isn't acceptable to be spitting, kicking or cutting backpacks. I don't agree with how the school handled it, so you should get hold of a copy of their behaviour management policy and look into it, or potentially move schools, however, your daughter's behaviour does need to be addressed. You seem to be downplaying it somewhat.

For instance, did your daughter have to replace the backpack she ruined? That would be an appropriate consequence.

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Sounds to me as if there are several issues that need to be addressed here, both with your daughter's behaviour and lack of control, and the school's lack of skill in handling a child.
I'm sorry, but kicking, cutting someone else's backpack, spitting...all of these are behaviours that you need to address. The school's lack of experience is also something that needs to be addressed, and yes, you can move your child. However, if you don't address the problem behaviours that she's picked up, she's not going to change much.


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It sounds like there are several issues that need to be worked on w/ your child, but it also sounds like she needs to get OUT of that particular school.

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