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I'm trying to find out when I conceived... I had sex end of feb 2013 and I started bleeding march 8 so I took that as my period and that I wasn't pregnant.. When I was done I didn't have sex tell a week before march was done n missed my period begining or April and got in to see the doctor April 15 and she said I was about 5 weeks so dose tht mean I conceived at the end of march or feb? The doctor wanted me to go get a ultrasound done when I was 10weeks I went and it said I was 10w 5days on may 24 so I go from there and count back and for it to be week 1 was the week I just started to have sex again after my period in march... Are ultrasounds always right on how fair along you are in your pregnanice? I need help.. It's dec 9 and I'm 39 w1 d today


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Pregnancy dates are calculated from the first day of your last period. So 5 weeks on April 15 would be about right. Also, ultrasounds are not 100% accurate. They can be out by as much as a week. Due dates are not an exact science. That's why they are call ESTIMATED due dates. Babies will come when they are ready.

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