Knowing when to offer advise and when to simply "zip it"

Barbara J - posted on 07/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I probably do not fit here as my great-grand children are older than most of your children. But a Mom is a Mom; profound statement, but true. Even with small children, there are times when your natural instinct is to jump in and offer help or advice. Don't. Stop, and give your child a chance to accomplish the task at hand. If it works, a smile and praise are in order, and if the worst happens, there are no "rolling of eyes or I told you so". That's when you show your wisdom as a parent, with a hug, reassurance, and good a talk about what might have worked better. Our goal as parents is to built character and confidence. They have to fall down before they can know how to watch out for pitfalls.


Ev - posted on 07/24/2013




Barbara=You could not have said it better. I agree to that. But what has happened in the last generation or so, a lot of kids are all getting awarded when they should not be and learn from that bad moment in life. Parents pick them off and dust them off when the child needs to learn how to do so. Now we have kids that expect to get what they want when they want, and what happens when they don't? We see them toss a 2 year old fit. A lot of parents do not step up to the plate anymore and do what you just wrote. I can gladly say that my own two are doing well for being in one of the recent oldest is 23 and has a baby of her own and my youngest is nearing 17. THey never got it all handed to them....they had to learn and look for my guidance in things rather than have me do it for them.

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