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how did you know you were going into labor with your first and was it similar the second time? I had cramps day and night the entire week before my water broke with my first but now I am due again and I feel nothing. I feel like this baby isn't coming anytime soon because I havent had any of the feelings I had last time. Am I right or is it just different because its my second time?

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Keshia - posted on 12/31/2010




Im pregnant with my second but not due till end of may Im afraid im going to have a really long hard painful labor since my first was so easy
I had no warning I was going into labor I wasnt due for 8 more days I got up during the night to go pee and my water broke at midnight my husband works 3rd shift so I called my mom to come get me I felt fine I showered did my hair and make up pack my bad and the baby bag for the hospital packed the dog up to go to my father in laws so we got to the hospital eventually I still wasnt having contraction until about 2 am and I had him at 9:48am I was so worried because everyone was like its going to be the worst pain in your life but I really didnt think it was I think having ym appendix burst ad having surgery on that was way worse the only pain meds I had was nubain I think its called and soaking it the tub at the hospital helped wonders

Amy - posted on 12/31/2010




with my first i was induced and ended c section. with my second, i did vbac and was worried i wouldn't know what the real contractions were and how it all would go down since they had the ole saying of second's easier....but this was my first vaginal birth. well, i went to bed, woke up at 5am one morning and ,, no joke - thought i heard a funny pop. baby boy was LOW. i peed, and then was like...oh. OUCH! what in the hell was that? a few minutes later i hopped into bed but then felt it again. I just got my husband up and asked if we wanted to take a shower, just in case it was time to go soon. lucky i did. an hour later my mom was over and we were out the door!! i had him in 6 hours total labor. WAY easier than induced at night, took all night, almost all day and then ended c sec with daughter. TOTALLY different. both my kids though, were born the day after their due date. :)

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