labor pains

Octavia - posted on 04/05/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm 19 years old with my first baby boy I'm about to deliver I'm due in 2 weeks and I've been tryna stay positive but I keep hearing scarey stories about giving birth..I hate pain and I'm really scared..can someone tell me what its like??


Gena - posted on 04/05/2015




It's different by everybody. Son have short births and by others it takes hours. Then it also depends on if you have an epidural or not. I can tell you my birth story and I wont sugarcoat it. I had strong contractions for hours,it felt like tummy cramps just thousand times worst. I didn't have an epidural. They tried to put me in a bath tub but the pain was worse so I got out again. At one point the pain was so bad that I had to throw up. After 8hours in labor it was time to push. And they had to cut me without numbing the area and pulled my son out with vacuum. The pain was very very bad. I wont lie about that! But what's really true I once you have your baby you don't think about the pain.
Try not to worry. Talk about the possibility of having an epidural incase you can't handle the pain. Good luck and try not to stress,not healthy for you or your baby!

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