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Willow Brian - posted on 10/14/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi im 39 weeks 4 days today and ive been having very uncomfortable tightenings in my belly for around two days now, ive timed them and they seem to be coming every 10-12 minutes lasting from 30 seconds to 2 and a half minutes long, i get very painful period type pains in my belly and back before during and after these tightenings which has had me trying different positions to help ease them but that doesnt work and just a few hours ago i decided id had enough of this pain and thought of relaxing in the bath for an hour or so to try ease the pain a little but even that didnt work!!, i get a stuffy nose only at night and cant sleep due to these things that are happening with me, i also get very painful shooting pains between my legs as though someone is forcing a hot poker up there, babys head is engeged and i was told at my 38 week appointment that the head was at a 2/5? at my appointment the midwife said i was in he latent phase of labor, i dont know whats going on with me as i ate tons yesterday, now today i have hardly eaten a thing because i feel too sick, sorry to ramble on but i really need to know if anyone else out there has been going through anything like this right near the end?
im a ftm by the way
hope to hear some responses as i dont know what to do or what to expect


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Sarah - posted on 10/14/2015




You are so close and definitely in early labor from what you describe. Keep drinking small amount of fluid. Eat very lightly. When your contractions are coming more regularly and closer together and you can no longer walk or talk during them it is time to head out. Call you midwife and give her notice that tonight could be the night! If your water breaks you should head out to the hospital.

ETA: The head at 2/5 means a plus two, and dilated to almost five, which is pretty much will make you feel like the baby is hanging out. Good Luck!

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 10/14/2015




Get ready, Willow, Baby is on the way! Try to stay as relaxed as possible. Has your OB given you a guideline of when to head to the hospital? (alternatively, when to call the midwife?)

Sounds like this is your first, so labor may go for a bit. Don't be discouraged, and hang in there! Then again, you may be like one of my friends...In and out of the birthing room in less than 3 hours. Either way, just be calm, be patient, remember to breathe, and get ready to welcome your new addition!

Congrats, girl, you made it to the end!

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