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Jessica - posted on 08/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




With our first son, I was 3cm at 1am. The nurses sent my boyfriend home! 4 hrs later I was on the toilet and has not been checked on..
I had to push the help button as I felt zac's head!..
the nurses took another 10 mins to get to me! 15 min later they still hadn't rang my patner! Gave birth at 5:06am ..He missed out on the birth!
It has really cut jason up and the thing is we are going to the same hospital again very soon due sept 27th...
Can I make him stay with me????
Its was horrable and would never with what happened to he happen to a first time mum!


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Amy - posted on 08/22/2011




My husband always just stayed at the hospital with me. The room had a chair that turned into a bed and he got to be just as uncomfortable as I did. I would discuss it with him now that way when you're in labor you'll both be on a united front!

Bernadette - posted on 08/21/2011




The nurses can't force your partner to leave if you're in labour. If they think it's going to be awhile before the baby comes, they can recommend he goes home but they can't make him go. But given you're in labour, you're probably going to want him there for support through the contractions. If it happens again though, he should probably just go into a waiting area rather than going home as it's unlikely that he will be called to return until after the birth. I know it's hard once the contractions start kicking in, but perhaps this time don't rush to the hospital so quickly. When you get there and you're only 3cm dialated, they staff can get very complacent. When I had my little boy, I was being treated like I was overreacting about the intensity of my contractions because it was my first. Then they discovered I was already 8cm dialated when I arrived at the hospital.

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