Lack of Follow-Up?

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One trend I've noticed is that someone will post a problem or dilema on CoM. Many women respond with carefully thought-out and worded answers. Yet the original poster disappears, never to provide any follow-up. IMO, it leaves those following a particular thread in "cliffhanger" mode. Whatever happened? What was the final outcome? I would suggest to those posting, to please come back to visit CoM to give us some follow-up. It's just rude to be a "fly-by-nighter" and never follow-up with the thread that you started.


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Some of the threads usually turn out VERY long spanning 50+ replies. But the OP never responds. I also wonder if the OP reads the responses, simply forgets, OR, what I was thinking if the OP is a troll. It's just common courtesy. I mean, we all have busy lives and cannot run to the computer every day! But, then don't post a question that you can't follow up on.

Krista - posted on 01/01/2011




Excellent point, Sharon! If the OP doesn't come back, it always makes me wonder if she even READ the responses.

Renae - posted on 01/01/2011




Yeah I am hoping I haven't done that too... I dont think I have! I tend to forget about a thread if nothing happens in it for a few days. But I will say I can think of a couple I was quite worried about and it would have been good to hear how things turned out. :)

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