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my lo is 4 months old n is diagnosed with lactose intolerance.he was 3.2kgs at birth n was not gaining more than 400grams a month.he had loose stools severe gastric pains n never slept exclusively breastfed ..his ped asked me to sitch him to lactose free formula and it did wonders.i feel guilty n still want to breastfeed him he really lactose intolerant or sumthing else...


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Most likely lactose intolerant. If you choose to go back to breatfeeding, you will have to cut out all lactose from your diet. You will have to drink lactose-free milk or soy milk. No cheeses, no ice cream, no butter, no dairy period! It is very tedious. I am lactose intolerant. I can have small amounts of cheese, butter, and milk (if it is used in cooking). I can NOT have ice cream-that cause internal bleeding from severe diareha.

Best thing to do is research a diet for lactose intolerant diets for breast fed babies. Find out what has to be cut out of your diet. It is OK to keep your baby on the formula. He will do just fine and you won't have to worry about any reactions to what you eat or drink. When he gets to the age of solid foods, check labels. Make sure foods are lactose-free. You can buy milk that is (it tastes yummy but it is expensive). You can also test him on foods such as yogurts, cheeses, butter. He may be able to have limited amounts without getting sick. This is a trial and error kind of thing. Milk and ice cream are usually the worst when it comes to lactose intolerance. Good luck!

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