Ladies, ladies... pls help. My son about 3 years ago stop sleeping on his own, meaning that someone has to sleep with him or he stays up all night with the lights on. He is too scared to go upstairs if its late in the evening... OH AND BY THE WAY HE IS 12 !!!!!!!


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Rena - posted on 04/25/2012




We have till child psychologist... and no all our rooms are on the same floor and close to each other. Yes, I sleep with him coz Im worried about this well being but its getting harder on all of us. Im just wondering if there is anyone out here who is experiencing the same problem with me or am I long :((

Alison - posted on 04/25/2012




If this were one of my children, after 3 years, I would definitely look for some professional help. I'm assuming that you have already tried every imaginable solution. Is your bedroom on a different floor? Is that something you can change? Is that something that would help?

It is so important for your son to get enough sleep. But if there are underlying anxiety issues, those really need to be treated. Sleeping with him is only a band-aid - a very necessary band-aid.

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