ladies, what where we thinking???

Josefina - posted on 03/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I sit here daily, day in and day out, and I read about how we wonderful Women, have let these men be total dead beat dads. I have a few questions to all you ladies that are going thru the baby daddy drama.

Why do we allow it?? Why do we put up with it, and better yet, why do WE let them take lead and we follow. I think in this day and age, we as wonderful, sucessful mothers, should teach our children, that no matter what, we still have control of the situation. I am single now, and maybe single for the rest of my life, but that does not bother me one bit, because I have the greatest gifts of the world, MY BOYS!!!!!!!!!! TO ALL THE DEAD BEAT DADS, THANK FOR BEING DBD, BECAUSE OF YOU ALL WE ARE SUCESSFUL, WONDERFUL, MOTHERS, AND NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE THAT AWAY!!!


S. - posted on 03/07/2012




Well said! My oldest daughter had the biggest DBD walking I met a new guy (now my husband) and from day one I made it clear I took know crap and things was equal, I wasn't going to end up running after another man like he was a over grown kid! When we had our first child together I threw him in at the deep end and made him do every thing I did, bath's, Nappies, feed's ect when we had our last child he just got on with it now if he's around he dose more then his fair share with the kids but why shouldn't he? There his kid too. I have a friend who worries if anything happens to her as her hb is so useless, mine would have tatty hairs if my hb had them on his own but they would be clean, washed, fed and looked after! I thought that was very sad, also I have a cousin who's baby is 6 weeks old the dad hasn't done a thing not even a nappy change! His excuse he's afraid he might break the baby!! This guy is 41 and had a child before and my cousin fall for his lazy arse excuse! So your right Why do we let it happen? I wouldn't again

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