Lame Birthday present??

Kelsey - posted on 03/29/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just bought my son's birthday present a couple of days ago. It is a giant blue crayon bank; he is turning 1 year next month, and I assume that everyone else in my family will buy him toys. I wanted to get him something worthwhile and I can save up money for him as he gets bigger (and teach him about chores and money later down the road) Well, when I told his grandma about my purchase, she made a face and said "lame, I would take it back and buy him a toy" and hasn't dropped the topic since. Now I'm iffy about it and should I just buy him a "lame toy" instead?


Michelle - posted on 03/30/2013




Your 1yo child will have no idea on how much you spent or that all his toys are cool. He will only care about the wrapping paper and boxes that all the toys come in!!!

Tell grandma to shut up and you will buy your son presents that will teach him things. A moneybox will teach him the value of money and how to save. That's a life skill many people don't have. I applaud you for thinking about your sons future.

Cecilia - posted on 03/29/2013




If you feel it was something you wanted for him then keep it. The truth is even if it is lame, who cares. Buying matchbox cars might be lame to some. Either way he is going to be one. He is not going to be mad at you for it since he will not even remember it.

If you feel it is important what others think.. then go ahead and go buy something small for him. Shoot maybe even crayons to go along with it. (feel free to add a coloring book or some construction paper with it if you want) All together at a dollar store this will run you $2. I know our dollar store does have the wide crayons for small children.


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Lins - posted on 03/31/2013




You chose something from the heart with some thought put into it. Go with your gut as a mommy.

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