Lamictal/ Generic?

Annie - posted on 08/28/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello -

I love my son so much - and am finally accepting that he probably has early onset BP. He definitely as EID and ODD, but the issue is that BP runs in my husband's family and he has been tested - that has been the conclusion.

We started Lamictal (the generic version) 2 weeks ago - and it does seem to be helping, but he had a splitting headache one evening and woke of screaming and crying. He is having serious blurry vision, too. He is only 8.

Has anyone had this side effect? I'm worried because they say kids under 16 are not supposed to be using this drug, and there are lawsuits going on where people have gone completely blind. I have never read anything positive about abilify and don't want to put him on that.

please - advice. the blurry vision and headaches are listed as side effects but the headache is more like a migraine - as my son vomited everywhere when he got it last week.




Sarah - posted on 08/30/2016




I agree with LMCBW, these side-effects are severe enough that your doctor needs to consider if this is the right medication for your child. Does your child see a pediatric psychiatrist? Sometimes mental health issues are complex to treat in kids and since he has overlapping diagnosis, even more complex for him. Every medication has some potential risks or side-effects and weighing the risk vs. benefit for each child must be done very carefully. If the risks of lamictal are greater than the benefit? Then you can think about other therapy. BP in pediatric population is finally getting some good research and a trip to a teaching facility where the cutting edge clinical trials and newly approved medications may be available; might be worth the time.


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/30/2016




Please call your doctor asap with medical questions that are so serious, and definitely ask questions about why he is on it being underage for it. I hope your son is ok!

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