Language development in a 15 month old?

Amy - posted on 06/23/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter is 15 months old and her language is pretty non existent, I know at this age she should only be saying 3 or 4 words but she seems to have gone backwards. She used to say mama but now when you ask her to say it she just points. She does still babble a lot but no real words. The doctor mentioned having a speech assessment done but she's able to communicate through other means by signing and pointing. So my question is have any moms had a speech assesment and worked with a specialist at such a young age? And what would you do? I also would like to add it's not her hearing she responds to her name, knows her body parts when asked she points to them, and is able to follow directions when asked/told to do something. Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help!


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I did have speech therapy for my daughter at that age because she said nothing but mamamamama and she had other delays (gross motor). Some of the techniques the therapist showed me were things that came naturally, but she had other suggestions I wouldn't have thought to try on my own. Sign language was very helpful for us!

It sounds like her comprehension is just fine from your description. My daughter was the same. Sometimes there is an actual mechanical problem preventing proper speech and sometimes they just lack confidence. In our case it was a confidence issue and now with some help she is 2 and has actually progressed to advanced speech for her age. If nothing else, the speech therapist gave me reassurance that I was doing things right, and that is kind of a big deal for a parent I think.

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Firstly no I haven't had experience of speech therapy at this age but I do have some ideas on how to encourage your daughter. Tall , talk and more talk, describe everything you are doing, everything you see. Ask questions would you like an banana or a pear so she has choices and has to try and vocalise her preference. Lot of noise games, can you make a sound like a cow, cat, aeroplane etc. Lots of reading, pointing out things and telling her about them, look there's a red car, a blue flower etc. If your Doctor is suggesting speech therapy it can certainly do no harm, just encourage her at home.


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Dorothy - posted on 09/06/2012




My daughter is 15 months old.

She can say baby, puppy, papa, mama, daddy, why, bye, hi and we are working on a few more. She also knows where her ears, belly, feet and nose are...we are working on the rest! (Oh and mommy and daddy's nose too ;])

I'm worried personally that I am not doing enough to increase her vocabulary. I mean, she is doing great! She just today actually said mommy, but it still takes work. Which is fine.

I had a "specialist" see her about her was actually fun!

You got to see where your child was and learn how to increase your childs development by doing little things like, pointing out every object, saying its name and encouraging your child to repeat what you said, or playing games to help her learn as well.

It wasn't as scary as I thought it would have been.

If she reaches 2 and is still not talking or showing signs of wanting to talk, then I would really consider some help for her to get her started..

Is she social? The more she is around other people (kids and adults) the more she will hear and want to eventually copy!

Best of luck to you !

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