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I need advice. (I'm not a mom, by the way.)

I'm a responsible, mature 13 year old girl, and I would like to have permission to bring my laptop in my room to do homework, essays, etc. I'm also a working photographer, so I organize all of my photo files and portfolios on my laptop.

I used to be able to keep my laptop in my room, but my parents read an article online about how dangerous things could happen on the internet, and just to be safe, they told me I had to use it in the kitchen only. I said okay, but a while after, I asked if I could take it back in my room, and they got really, really angry with me.

That was a year ago, and my commissions for photography work, and my schoolwork load have all picked up a lot. I really don't like working in the kitchen because I'm always in somebody's way and I have to move, or it's really noisy.
I want to ask permission again to bring my laptop in my room once in a while. How do you think I should act before I ask again? (Doing extra chores, studying more than usual, making a considerable effort to be more considerate or polite, etc.)

Please let me know what you think from a parent's perspective. Thanks so much!


Momo - posted on 01/08/2014




I think you should research ways your mom and dad can block the things they are afraid of from your computer. We have k9 on my sons computer and he's not allowed to "chat" with anybody (he has a cell phone so he can text people he actually knows). I'm always impressed when my kids research things and can intelligently, and maturely compromise ;)

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