Large clots and dark blood after birth; What is wrong?

Sarah - posted on 08/20/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a rather personal question. I'm really afraid of taking myself to the Doctor because I don't want it to end up being nothing. I just had my daughter (4th child) August 2nd 2011, and I have been having very dark blood and very large clots (size of my palm). I have been also feeling rather tired lately and light-headed but I don't think it's related. What do you think might be wrong?


Tara - posted on 08/21/2011




Any clot over the size of a quarter after giving birth is something of concern. It is possible that you have retained some of your placenta or are starting to hemorrhage, both of which you need to see your doctor for.

The light-headedness and tiredness could be anemia, but will definitely be related.

I would definitely say go in to see your doctor as soon as possible.

Jodi - posted on 08/20/2011




It could be parts of the placenta still in your body and you could be hemorrhaging, and the tiredness and light headedness could very well be related. I had this occur a few days after I miscarried several years ago, and I lost an awful lot of blood and was quite unable to walk in the end because of the dizziness - I had to have a wheelchair when I arrived at the hospital. It turned out all I needed was a D&C to correct it, so they put me in for emergency surgery. You shouldn't be losing clots like this at this point, it certainly doesn't sound normal. Definitely get it checked out by your doctor because it could be something that needs to be addressed.


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