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Do I need my child's fathers permission to change her last name if he doesn't pay child support and isn't on her birth certificate?


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If you are in the US, a name change is a legal process, which begins with a petition to the court. This will be publicised in the newspaper for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, a judge reviews the petition and any responses filed, and makes a ruling.

Even if both parents are in agreement, it is still a legal process, because the certificate of birth is a legal document to begin with. My husband and I had to do it to amend the record after the hospital filed it incorrectly. It was an easy process, and since one can prepare the petition by themselves (all we needed was a notary to witness the petition), it was fairly inexpensive to pay the publication fees, and since ours had no one objecting, it was almost an automatic process.


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Michelle - posted on 09/10/2016




You need to file the paperwork in court to change a name.
It has no bearing if he is paying child support or not, why didn't you put him on the Birth Certificate? That is fraud if you do actually know who the Father is.
Why would you give the baby his last name and not name him? That's just strange.
You should contact your local courthouse to find out what is actually needed where you live. This is an international forum and the laws are different around the world and also different states.

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