Late start on self soothing 9 months

Alana - posted on 08/13/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So I know all the books and news articals say you should start early with this but I have failed. I love cuddling my LO and working all day when I come home to put her to bed I'll sit for an hour and nurse and rock her long past her falling asleep. I've left her for the first time the other night to go out and she would not go to bed without me, even for nap time somebody's always with her while she passes out in her play pen. She does sleep through the night but as soon as she wakes up its scream central until I run and grab her. I can't put her Down and walk away either. If I step out, or if anybody steps out of her play area to go to the bathroom even she starts screaming. I'm not for letting her cry it out, she seems so traumatized the couple times I tried. Any advice? I really want her to be okay with being put in her crib or put in her play area alone.


Dove - posted on 08/13/2016




She is perfectly normal. You haven't failed anything. Definitely not something to leave her to cry over. She is starting to have the cognition to realize she is a separate person from her caregivers... and that's kind of freaky for babies because she is still young enough that if she can't see you, she's not sure you still exist. If you have to go out of her sight... talk to her until she can see you again and try to only do it for a few minutes at a time.

Some kids only go through this stage briefly... some deal w/ it (or similar) for years.


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