Late start to breastfeeding. Is there hope???

Shaquita - posted on 05/08/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Prior to the birth of my daughter, I wanted to exclusively breastfeed. Within 24 hours of her birth that dream was dashed after 2 hours of nursing she continuously cried. My husband and I did not know what to do, so for our sanity the nurse gave her formula. My milk took a couple of days to come in so I continued to nurse. For the first couple of weeks I would nurse and pump. I saw little milk production and began to supplement more with formula. Now I have returned to work and never had enough milk to store.

I wanted to give up due to her increasing demand, and then I thought some breast milk is better than none. I have begun to pump at work every 2 to 3 hours. At first I could only pump a half an oz. a day now I'm up to 2 oz. daily with the help of lactation cookies. Due to lack of support and knowledge at the at the beginning of this journey I feel at times that I have missed my opportunity, but if there is hope I'm willing to try. This has been a very emotional and stressful time. My ultimate question is this: Is it possible to meet or catching up to my daughter's demand (6oz. per feeding) with pumping and possibly other supplements? Please provide any information that may be helpful.


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