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Kelley - posted on 11/10/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 10 month old daughter who has been on the eye patches for about 8 weeks now. We are using them to try and correct her lazy eye. She also has a Lil bit of stigma in both eyes. Her muscles are not strong enough to keep both eyes straight for a long period of time. The eye Dr. Has also informed me that she is far sighted. We now have decided to order her glasses we still have to use the patches. My only consern is that she keeps ripping them off after ten-twenty mins of them being on. Is their any idea and of you have to help keep the patches on. We used to have to keep them on for 1 hr per eye. And every day switch to the other eye. Now the Dr. Wants us to keep them on for two hrs. I wish she would keep them on because I belive they are helping her eyes do look a lot better. So if y'all have any ideas that would be great. Thank You


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Personally, I think if she's leaving them on AT ALL, that's super ;)

I have a lazy eye, they aren't sure if it is because of the dog bite I suffered in my eye as a child or not. What I have found (and I'm old) is that she will be able to control it in time herself. Mine only does it now when I'm tired, and my husband says he can always tell when it's time to pack it in, cuz I'm looking at him with one eye and the wall with the other ;) The ophthalmologist also put prisms in my glasses to re-direct my eye.

I guess my advice for such a little one is consistency. If she takes off the patch or her glasses, put them back on her and tell her to leave them on. She will get the idea sooner or later that this is what has to happen. It's foreign to her, so it's gonna take a little time, so be patient with her.

God bless, honey, kiss that little one for me. You will both get through this.

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