Lazy, rude tones when speaking teen

Jennifer - posted on 06/18/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have attempted taking her 'privledges' away, she doesn't care. She is 14 and I have attempted in the past to get her to understand that those things are priviledges not rights. I am at my wits end, tired of the fights to get her to do things (which end in me crying or screaming) and doing whatever I told her to do. I am so fed up I have screamed at her that in a year (she is almost 15) that I would just ship her off to JobCor since I was the only one doing Anything around the house so that I would only have to clean up after me and the dogs. If I have to cook then I expect her (not that she does) to do the dishes. If I Wash and Dry the laundry then she is to put it away, properly (once again, she does not do this). Basically Everything you can ask a child to do she has stupid excuses as to why she doesn't do them. It has killed relationships cause I am a working mom (who suffers from a sleep disorder (since apparently birth) that makes me Constantly tired feeling) who barely has energy to cook dinner and be in bed. I have attempted playing video games with her (just in case she feels left out) but its like why should I play these stupid games if it doesn't change her attitude and laziness. Can someone please help? At my wits end.


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Jodi - posted on 06/18/2015




I agree wholeheartedly with Dove. And if she starts a tantrum over anything or starts a fight, learn to shrug and walk away. Yelling at her and escalating the argument won't help, and may in fact make things less likely to resolve.

Dove - posted on 06/18/2015




Stop fighting w/ her about it. She is old enough to be responsible for all of her own laundry... so if it doesn't get taken care of... she is the one that will have to be wearing dirty clothes. If she doesn't want to do the dishes... just cook for yourself and wash your own dishes (and keep them separately hidden, so she can't dirty them)... she is old enough to make her own food and have certain dishes that she can keep clean or not be able to use anymore. If she leaves messes in the rest of the house... put them in her room and shut the door. Take the fight out of it. If she wants YOU to cook for her and wash her clothes... she will start doing her part. Otherwise... her being able to eat cooked meals or wear clean clothes will all be on her.

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