Leaking some type of fluid

Jasmine - posted on 06/22/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm 37 weeks pregnant with my first child, for the past couple days I've been leaking a fluid that has no smell, but I'm not sure what it is. It happens when I'm laying down and when I stand up, but this morning I was laying down and I felt it leaking down and then stopped.... I really need help and I'm not sure what it is.....


ANNE - posted on 06/22/2015




Go to the hospital and put a pad that happen with my last born only to give birth prematurely


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Ev - posted on 06/22/2015




With my first child my water did not break. They had to do that during labor.

With my second as I got closer to term one weekend, I started to feel like I had to go pee all the time. I even had wet underwear because I could not get to the bathroom in time. It was not much but it was enough to be uncomfortable. I had no signs of labor or anything else. By late evening it had not stopped and like you said it had no smell like urine does. We went to the hospital and they did a strip test where they put this strip into the liquid to see if it was my water leaking or not. It was my water leaking. They kept me and started my labor for me.

I am no doctor but it does sound like the same thing I did. I would call my doctor, go to the hospital and have them check for it to be your water having broke or not, and hope for the best.

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