Learning disabilities and ADHD...Any suggestions?

Darlene - posted on 10/18/2011 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have a 9 year old boy with ADHD. He has struggled mostly in school, he is very bright but he does not retain what he learns. We have taken him out of public school after several problems (the public school system was going to advance him to the next grade although he was not ready) so, now he and our 7 year old daughter are being home schooled on the A Beka program. Our daughter has done exceptionally well, but our 9 year old struggles. I believe he feels inferior, and we encourage him strongly that he is very smart (which he is) and that his school work is harder than hers.

I have done so much study on ADHD, but I cannot find a solution for helping him to retain what he learns. Has any one had the same or similar situation?


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Christina - posted on 10/26/2011




i have a LD, and what my mom did for me that helped me alot was turn it all into a game. mind you she had to get really creative with some subjects such as math, and we tried many different methods. some work some failed.
if i read this right, he likes wii games? and tv shows? maybe use those to spark an interest somehow. i hated since until i whacted all the bill nie the science guy shows. it alest helped give me an interest in the subject.
i know it would be hard but maybe look at putting the 7 year old in the school system or find a learning group in your area she can go to so she can keep advancing and then that gives you some one on one time without her feeling left out or your son feeling the pressure that he is slow compared to his sister. and also is there a learning group in your area for LD for your son? i have seem them here and what they do is it gives a chance for homeschool or even school system kids to get together and work on big projects together for the day (like building a volcano, or going on a trip somewhere) and then you can talk with other parents what they have tried.

i hope you find a method that works for him. i struggled through the school system, and my mother went head to head against many teachers to help me get through and for them to treat me fairly. good luck

Stacy - posted on 10/26/2011




My son is now 15, going on 16. After dealing with the same problems as you are since he was 8 years old, I had a friend suggest that I take some time to look at learning styles (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic). After I read a bit on it, I realized that my son was able to retain way more information when he was taught using an Auditory/Kinesthetic style of teaching. I am very lucky that the school system my children attend is very willing to work with me on this. He has had IEP's since 7th grade. Because of the change in learning style, my son will finish out his last 2 years of high school taking regular and advanced classes and no IEP after this year. Not a cure all, but maybe it would help you too.

Karen - posted on 10/24/2011




Some kids have better memories than others. It may be that something else is going on. Some kids need different techniques to learn better (a more mulitsensory teaching, hands on, ect.) My son seemed to struggle for a bit and memorizing is a little more difficult. I would get him tested by a school psycologist (or a private on if you can). We got our guy tested and found out he is dyslexic. This is not the 'regular-turned-around-letters' kind but that is what he called it. Your son may not be dyslexic, but it doesn't hurt to see if there is something else going on. They test so many things. My one cousin was tested and found out that his left side and right side of the brain were not 'communicating' properly when reading. I know it can be frustrating, I wish I could help you more.

Edited to add: The phycologist can also suggest things that you or the school can do to help learn how to memorize and perhaps with how would be a better way to study.

Savvy Mama - posted on 10/24/2011




I have an 8 yo with ADD/LD. He was diagnosed with the LD last year. He seems to be doing well so far with his IEP and assistance - more so than without all of the extra help. They have been concentrating on the areas he needs help with.
I see similarities in some areas: feeling inferior, being able to retain an entire movie and provide a synopsis after 24 hours, concentrating more on what he wants to do than what the task at hand is... those things are very similar.

Constance has a great idea with the flash cards and it being like a memory game. I have a friend with a daughter who is ADHD. She is brilliant! Her grades are high and she does very well. I'm not sure how they have helped her in her studies, they do work hard with her daily.

In some ways I disagree with taking him out of public schooling because they do provide great assistance, however, having one-on-one is something that is helping my child.

I have had my childrens teachers allow an extra bathroom break or "focusing" break to help them get a bit of energy out and then jump back into the work.

Holly - posted on 10/24/2011




I also have a 9 year old almost 10 whom has ADHD. He is still in the public school, but it has been a struggle. He does have an IEP, however he is still behind 1 1/2 yr reading level. I did try homeschooling him last year but he did not have the drive or attention and I felt he needed extra help tht I could not give at home. Although every year he seems to improve. I did try meds for 6 mths but I hated the thought of the meds being in his growing body, it also effected his sleep and eating. I took him off the meds and he gained 9 pounds. So at school he has a one on one person to helphim saty focused. Also knowing their learning strengths and starting there has helped at home. Like reading is tough so I read a paragraph then he reads one and we tallk about it after so I know he is understanding what he read. retaining the information I was told is a processing problem that stems from the fast motion of how children with ADHD's brains work. Sometimes having him hold something he can fidget with so he is using up the energy but also looking and listen will help, frequent breaks with exercises that are some what of a work out may help him regain focus. My son goes for a walk around the school or helps carr a box with some books that exsert energy. I hope that helps a little.

Darlene - posted on 10/24/2011




Hi Sharlene, to answer your question...Yes he has been properly diagnosed. He is on medication 2 x's a day. I work with him daily, he has a one tract mind and if it is something he does not want to do, he won't. It is difficult but I refuse to give up. I read all I can on this and I have searched the web, talked with Dr.'s, but each child is different and not all methods work. I appreciate your suggestions and if you have any ideas, I am open tp hear what you have to say. Thank you

Darlene - posted on 10/24/2011




Hi Elisabeth. I have tried flash cards, sight words, using games, art and even putting things into songs to help him to retain what he learns. He can play with leggos. the Wii game, watch a show and remember them all, but when it comes to the important things, he shows no interest. I feel like I am doing him no good, I am taking time away from my 7 year old and I feel like I am holding her back in order to help him. We have tried the ball for him to hold, some one suggested gum to chew while he does his work, even sitting on a ball to no avail. He is on medication twice a day and he tries very hard to do his school work, but he is more focused on what he wants to do rather than what is important.

Sharlene - posted on 10/21/2011




My 8 yr old has autstim and delayed devolpment he also has a momory problem as we us a sight word card wher he remerbers words and nubers,also have you had your assess probably for another disorder maybe?

Elizabeth - posted on 10/21/2011




I have many suggestions for helping him retain the info, but in all honesty, it would be much easier if you could give me some specific things that he is having problems with so I could give you the process and examples.

I really need to get some sleep, but I wanted to make sure to respond to this so I could find it later.

Constance - posted on 10/18/2011




I use flash cards with my 15 yr old. It tak a long time to to do them but she uses them like a memory game. It has worked wonders for her. She has a 4.0 now with all AP and advanced classes. She swears by flash cards and they are fun for her..

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