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Glorian - posted on 01/12/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




When should a child be able to write the numbers? My daughter is four and she recognizes numbers 0-9 and counts to 20, but Im having difficulties teching her to write them. She was never in pre-school, but she started the Head Start program last year.


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Well, like the other two said, they all develop at their own pace. I didn't run out and buy workbooks, I just went online and printed stuff off. We did the tracings, we did pretty much everything.

Granted, my boys were quick, the first one very precocious, wanting to learn everything early, and he did. The second just wanted to keep up with brother, so he was quick as well.

Be patient. Head Start (or preschool of any kind) will help

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They usually have workbooks that have it where you trace the numbers. Could you try getting her a book like that and have her work on it, even if it's just for 5-10 minutes a day (whatever she seems capible of without getting frustrated). Just put on a timer for 10 minutes and say we'll work on this for 10 minutes and then you're done and you'll get a sticker yay!

It's easier to trace numbers than write it out on it's own. My son's 3 1/2 and he can trace numbers and seems pretty proud of it, that's what I do with him. He usually only does that for about 5 minutes 'cause that's how long he lasts before he starts getting frustrated or his hand gets tired (or he's bored ha). I'm hoping once he's got some better motor skills he'll be able to do it on his own, I think it takes practice.

Like Liz said they all develop at their own pace and I wouldn't up a whole lot of pressure on her being able to print it, that will all come. I just suggest the tracing thing as a way to get her used to doing it so she'll be more prepared and she'll feel like she's writing the numbers on her own without the pressure of having to do it all by herself.

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I tried doing some preschool stuff at home with my son when he was about 4.5, but he just wasn't getting it. Like your daughter, he could recognize the numbers and recite them, but he couldn't write them. He didn't start writing them until he started kindergarten this past fall, a year after I started working with him. I know a lot of people say it, but kids learn and grow at their own pace. The fact that she recognizes those numbers and can count to 20 is great for her age. I would keep trying to get her to copy some numbers occasionally, but don't push it. She will get it.


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Glorian - posted on 01/13/2013




Thanks ;) I feel relieved because she does trace them, but can't write them on their own. Maybe I'm being too pushy? I printed worksheets and she does about 5 each day of the week. Perhaps I should just let her develop "at her own pace" ;) Thank you ladies!

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