leave my eldest daughter to bathe their little brother

Stasy - posted on 07/21/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am a divorce mother raising 3 beautiful and exceptional children. the girl have 12 year old, she has a mental maturity, but sometimes plays a lot with her brothers and sibling. He prefers family life than with their friends. sometimes I allow sharing with friends their age but she comes home early to help in the household chores. It is very affectionate and we share together for watching a movie, she even sleeps on my lap and talked (girly time). my two boys have 7 and 4 year old, both are adorable.
Sometime bathe the boy together, both enjoy them. sometime they bath separately, sometime, my daughter help me with their bathtime. but the last time the boy asked that the sister joined with them, but i explain that she is a big girl, and she preferred privacy, he ask "why you and Sara does not stay nude or undies in the house like them"?
i tell to him that your a little boy and don't find any problem that if you like you stay undies in the house, i explain, that i don't like to stay undies out side of the house, I explained that will reach an age that does not want to be like and will search for privacy. if you like privacy right now, its ok for me. i also argued that when i little girl, I was raised that girls should have modesty, and cover our body. and that was not my intention to make him feel bad, and forgive me for the way I raise. He ask me when is ok to stay undies at home, if coming visit, i explained that is only closed family, like when come grandmother. he make another example about the cousin, she have 10 year old. i answer, that its ok, because she previous saw you, if you have confidence that she look at you, I have no problem. I asked to him, if you start to bath alone with out their brother, without help of me or sister. he said no, he tell me that sometime is like to bathe alone, other to share with their brother for fun. he tell me about their self-conscious about their body, he said, that he does not like to any other person see his body, but he visualize their sister and me like a protective person, and is he like the way that i raising. he laughter say me, that in summer time is like to run in the buff.
I read over internet, story that nude or undies in the house is a boys thinks. when i was a girl, i remember, that my brother sometimes stay in undies, but me and my sister always we need wear clothing, what is your experience? Its is ok that my daughter help me to bathe their brother?

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