Leave or Stay

Brook - posted on 02/04/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have struggled for years and years on whether to stay married or leave. We have a 23 y/o/son and 14 y/o/daughter - my husband lies so much to me, our son is verbally abused to me, especially since I have got him w/drugs selling and taking. My son said he does not want a relationship with me, because I told him I believe 5% of what he tells me - he is nasty to mean and very angry. My husband supports him - and when he is verbally abusive to me my husband listens. My husband lied to me and told me that our son was graduating from college and when we got to his college it was a lie - he had to take another 1/2 year. I have major trust issues with my husband lieing about money, hiding money, etc. I have not family in CT with me, and I cry everyday. I have been through therapy for years and years. It just seems to be getting worse....what should I do. Sometimes I think since my husband has a job and does not beat me, or do drugs I should just stick it out for my daughter. I can't get my husband to be tough w/our son. He loves our son because our son is nasty to me....HELP

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