leave the father of my kids?

Temperance - posted on 09/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




ok, so first off, I have 2 amazing sons, ages 2 & 3, and 8 love them both dearly. My boyfriend loves our kids, in his own way, but I'm not sure if I should stay with him. Our second son was born 2 months premature, and the bf was working an hour away at the time and staying with a deadbeat friend of his. I called him on the way to the hospital with 2nd son, he said he would try to get off work to be there and would call me back. Get into my l&d room about an hour later and I have to call him, only to find out that he went to freaking work! so I had our second son all alone, no one could stay with me because they had to care for my first son. 2nd son was in nicu for over a month, father only saw him twice and didn'tcome home til the baby did. now my son is 2 and healthy, and the bf is home, and while he does work, hhe never spends time with the kids when he is home, and instead of spending time with us on his days off he goes out. I haven't left the house in almost a year, not even to shop! bc I'm a sahm, which I love. but the bf hardly even looks at me anymore, and we don't talk at all execpt a few things about the kids. he never has time for us, even though I've talked to him about all of this, he changes for all of a week and goes right back to being selfish. everything is about him, not our kids or us as a family. we live with his parents bc he refuses to rent a place! saying he wants to save up to buy a house and then never saves ANYTHING! Not even one dollar! I don't like it when he is home, I want nothing to do with him most of the time bc he acts like I'm only around when its convienient for him, and he hardly ever gives me a break from the kids. I know, I know, he works a full time job, and I'm proud of him for that, but I need a break from our kids sometimes, but I can't. have that bc he doesn't feel like watching them for an hour just so I can take a bath in peace! talking to him doesn't help, so what do I do? thanks in advance ....help?


Liz - posted on 09/09/2012




if things are that bad u sound like your pretty much on your own so it would be better to try on your own...its hard i no my sons 5 weeks and i was on my own since he was a week old but now i might be expecting again he says he will change...men dont change...hope was able to help

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