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Carolina - posted on 10/11/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I'm currently 6 months pregnant , and I'm thinking on leaving my baby daddy . I just feel like I don't want to be with him anymore & sometimes I do . We constantly argue and it's getting really annoying . We have been together for about 3 years . I just don't know if to finally give up or keep on trying . He says he loves me but the way he treats me , makes me think different . I don't even know it's it's love we have or just a obligation . I'm literally so confused .


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I totally understand what you are going through at this time; because I'm going through the same thing at this time but my daughter is 4 months. First I would have to say do you let your partner know how you are feeling, and how the arguing makes you feel. Do you feel like you're at a point of no return with y'all relationship. If you guys are arguing about stupid topics that can be avoided, if so then just do that or try not to make it into something heated. You don't have an obligation to him you are not married to him but he does have an obligation to that baby inside of you regardless of what you two are going through or go through.

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