Leaving home childcare-- is this right?

Lindsay - posted on 06/30/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am moving my daughter from a home child care to a local preschool this month. Up until now we have had a great relationship with the provider and she understood that it was time to move on. But in our final week she asked us to pay for an additional 2 weeks worth of childcare in order to pay for her vacation weeks. Is this normal? In previous years we paid for vacation weeks when our child was enrolled there. We are current on all payments and we gave her a plenty of notice that we were going to be moving on. I don't think we need to pay for these weeks sine we won't be there during them. and it is going to result in us having to pay double for two weeks- (for the new place and old). I was going to get her a really nice parting gift- but if I have to pay the extra expenses we wont be able to do that. I was just hoping for some advice from other parents out there who have been through this before. thanks!


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Sarah - posted on 06/30/2016




I agree with the other responses. You have fulfilled your obligation of timely payment, and adequate notice. A nice gift along with a glowing reference letter (the truth right?) is thanks enough.

Sarah - posted on 06/30/2016




I would agree with Little Miss. I do day care and would never ask for 2 weeks more pay, UNLESS they were not current OR they did not give at least 2 weeks notice. If they are current and gave 2 weeks notice or more then they owe me nothing.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/30/2016




I would not be paying for her vacation. I think it is really ballsy for her to ask. Do not feel obligated. I think a nice present would be great, but to pay for an additional 2 weeks that your children will not be there? Hell, in her case, it couldn't hurt to ask because you are thinking about it. But I would NOT pay.

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