Leaving my 2 years old child to work abroad 😭

Janine - posted on 09/06/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I just want to know if my baby would still recognize me after two years? Is she going to hate me because I'm not there while she's growing up and not there to look after her? Really need an advice. Thankyou.


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Sarah - posted on 09/06/2016




This post is duplicated 9 times. I understand that happens but to get a good response going, it is better to go and delete you other posts.
If I understand your child is 2, and you will be gone for 2 years? She won't hate you, but she also will not "know" you. Nor will you nor her and what makes her tick. You can Face-time or Skype every day but that does not replace the day to day things you learn about your child. When you return, she may take a time to warm to you and it will take you a time to learn her habits a routines. Who will be caring for her? Why can she not come with you? Why must you leave?

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