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My wife and I have recently divorced. And we have joint custody. She moved and won't tell me the new address. Is that legal


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Lynn - posted on 02/11/2014




No that is NOT Legal...When you have joint custody of a child both parent most tell the where about with that child or you can file kidnap charges...Because that's what it songs like if she move and didn't inform you of where she was taking the child. Get Legal Help if needed. Good Luck

Keith - posted on 02/11/2014




If you are a responsible person and not been in any trouble and work to provide then you have rights to know where your children are concerning their environment. Get a lawyer and get it done. It is very important for the children to have both parents love without animosity. If you are in church ask the members to unite to help you form a love barrier because it is very important for the children to have positive fusion.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/10/2014




It depends on whether or not your divorce paperwork stipulated that you be given the new address or not.

Check with your attorney.

Cathy - posted on 02/10/2014




This depends on how your custody papers are written. In typical cases, there is verbiage regarding notifying the other parent of addresses every time a move occurs. However, in some situations, such as domestic violence for example, the other parent may keep their address private so long as your visitations with your children are not disrupted. For example, arrangements could be spelled out in your paperwork stating that a public place must be used for drop off/pick up for the kids or that she provides all transportation for drop off/pick up, etc.

Read your paperwork and see how it is worded. If it's stated that you both must notify the other of address changes, then she is in contempt. Ask her, politely, to provide the address of where your children live with her as per court orders. If she fails to provide them, let her know that you will file contempt, giving her one more chance to comply. If she still refuses, contact your attorney.

John - posted on 02/09/2014




Yes, contact your attorney immediately. "Legal" is a question of fact in your situation.

Jodi - posted on 02/08/2014




It depends. If she is using this as a way to prevent you from accessing your children for YOUR legally allocated then she is in contempt. However, I know that sometimes, it depends on what the orders say. As an example, my orders indicate that each parent will notify the other parent of any address change or phone number change so that we both have contact with our child. My ex decided this wasn't particularly important, and I once found out he'd moved only after my son came home, so during the whole holidays, my son wasn't where I thought he was, and I was NOT happy. I could have filed contempt, but chose not to (just simply because I warned him that next time I would, and he has never repeated it), but this was because it was specified in the court order.

So basically, it comes down to the court order and the arrangements between the two of you, and probably the law where you live.

Dad - posted on 02/08/2014




Thank you for the info. I'm sorry I'm a dad asking but. I really don't have anyone to ask

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Of course not!!! Joint custody, how can you access them? Follow her home from work darn it, they're your kids!!!

Michelle - posted on 02/08/2014




No, unless she has a restraining order on you. Contact your lawyer so they can write a letter to her lawyer.

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