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I am a 26yr old lesbian with 3 kids. my oldest daughter is 7yr, oldest son is 5yrs and my youngest is 4yrs. I've raised them their whole lives. i'm far from perfect i'll admit that but my children are all i have. their dad is ABUSIVE verbally, mentally and physically to ALL OF US. my kids are scared of him and never bother to bring him up unless theyre talking about how they use to get hit by him. Im currently UNEMPLOYED but I've been looking. I'm on welfare and that's been my source of income. haven't asked him for anything but since the welfare worker asked if i wanted child support i said "yes". once their father rec'd the notice that he would have to be paying child support, he filed papers to get full custody of my kids. I'm scared because i don't know whats in store for us, for my kids. I just rec'd the court papers today.... my heart dropped. i dont know how i'm going to win this custody case with no job and the fact that i'm living with my girlfriend and her family so we can save money to get a place of our own.

SOMEONE.. ANYONE.. please give any advice possible.

thank you for your time

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