Letting the memory of your child live on

Mandisa - posted on 09/19/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do you constantly make it known to the other twin that he had an identical brother and is it wrong to show the pics and vidoes of the deceased twin


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Cecilia - posted on 09/19/2013




I personally wouldn't hide the fact ever. If you do it then feels like a secret and he could end up mad finding out later in life. That being said I wouldn't force the issue either.

I would always have pictures of them up on walls. If he is younger and doesn't remember one day he'll point to a picture and ask who the kid is. Thats when you explain in a manner appropriate for their age. For example is he's 3, you would say that's your brother, he's not here any more, or he's in heaven if you believe that (or want your child to believe that.)

Deborah Ridgely - posted on 09/19/2013




You do not say how old the living twin is, but I think I would wait until he is at least 7 to talk about it. Children really do not comprehend death until that age. For you as you are grieving, you can watch videos or journal or talk about it to others as you need to. Is the living twin able to remember his twin? If he was older when he died, you should help him through it. Perhaps get a greif counselor to help deal with the loss. I have had 3 miscarriages, which were hard at the time, but God has given me the perspective that now they are in heaven, a much better place, and I look forward to seeing them again. God does know best, even if we do not understand it.

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