Lexi thinks she ugly. I love her to death and seeing her that way breaks my heart. Any ideas?


Ariana - posted on 11/17/2012




How old is your daughter? Do you practice good body image around her? I only ask because some moms (or older siblings) can sometimes bash themselves, or look negatively at their own bodies, which rubs off onto the kids.

First (of course) tell her that there are many different body types and if she doesn't happen to fall into one type of category that doesn't mean she isn't pretty. Find out if this is coming from somewhere else (other kids calling her ugly) or just her saying this to herself. Practice a good body image in front of her even if you don't usually think that way. So make a point of saying something about yourself that you like (about your body). You might ask her to do the same thing, look in the mirror and say one part (eyes, legs, hair etc.).

Also try to compliment her on herself. Not just her looks but other areas of her life.

Is she involved in any extracurriculars? Something she's good at? You could try to put her into a sport (individual sport) so she can learn what her body can do other than just looking good. Taking gymnastics/trampoline/karate/dance (or a team sport if she's good at that type of thing) can be good for having her know what her body is worth.

Are there any girl programs around? I know in the community there are usually some form of girl groups that can discuss this type of situation with the girls (and usually it sinks in better than coming from their Mom...).

Anyways I hope some of this helps.

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