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Lyndsey - posted on 10/03/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5 yr old daughter has today visited the library with her school (they do this every third week) I got the book out of her bag for us to read together only to find its 'talking about the big C'

My initial thought was of shock. It is laid out like a story with pictures but the text is more along the lines of explaining your cancer to your child. I'm not at all happy about it and intend on taking the book back to school in the morning. Am I overreacting?? Why are these books not being checked that they are appropriate?? This is not an issue I want to discuss with my daughter unless it is absolutely necessary. And right now, and hopefully not any time soon will it be!! Please help... Am I right in not bring best pleased?



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As someone who worked in the library world for 6 years you are over reacting and there's a good chance that the librarian will listen to your complaint and then do nothing because we are taught that most people just want to be heard. If it is clearly a picture book or one for younger kids I don't see how it's inappropriate some kid in the school may need a book like that. It's also not the librarians job to make sure a kid has an appropriate book we check out tons of books everyday it's up to the parents to monitor what your kid is reading.

Amy - posted on 10/03/2012




I also think you are over reacting, you may not think the book is appropriate for your daughter but it could be appropriate for another child at the school.

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I think you are over reacting a bit. If she was interested in it, why not read it and talk about how some people get sick and how thankful she should be that she and the people she loves are healthy.

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