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My son will be 2 years old in two weeks. I got a phone call today from his daycare to inform me that my son may have lice. I did not take to this very well. I am very clean with him and no one in my family has ever had lice. I purchased a kit at Target. A friend of mine was kind enough to apply the treatment, being that I was freaking out. I am in the process of disinfecting everything and washing all of his clothes, bedsheets, blankets, stuffed animals, etc. I just sat down to read the kit and now Im not sure if the treatment was even suitable for a child his age. While washing his hair in the bathtub, some of the water dripped down his face. I immediately flushed his eyes with water. He cried for a bit as I assume it irritated his eyes but he seemed fine afterwards. Being the paranoid mom I am, it is now 12am and I cant sleep. My head is filled with worries: should I have given him that treatment? What if it was not for his age range? What if he wakes up tomorrow in worst conditions? Did the shampoo manage to get into his eyes? Did I flush his eyes thoroughly enough? Will this affect his eye sight in the long run? Will the treatment affect his brain development?

I know some of these questions seem dim, but I am a first time mom and I have never ever experienced this before. Someone please tell me he will be ok. Please reassure me that I did the right thing and he will be fine..... super worried right now.

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