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Hi 29 and new to this but would like to share my story and also see if there is anyone that may going through similar circumstances as myself, but will apologise in advance its a very long story so here goes........

I already have a 12year old beautiful child from a previous relationship which I had a normal vaginal delivery. I would say roughly for the last 6-7years I have been ttc. It was discovered that I had pcos although the gynae said I dont have the typical visible symptoms of it apart from the constant abdominal pains I got even during intercourse. I was put on dianette which is a contraceptive pill to control the pain so I decided to have a little break from trying. I came off those pills in roughly around 2008 and got bfp in jan 2009 which I miscarried the same day I found out.
Following this, I began getting abdominal pains(mainly one sided pain). An U/S showed what looked to be an endometriosis cyst. I had a laparoscopy Nov 2012 to remove the cyst and check my fallopian tubes. The doctor told me after that I had sime scarring and adhesions that looked as though were result from an std years ago that my ex gave me which I did get treated for when I found out. Clearly this still had repercussions, causing some damage to my tubes. I also had some endometriosis which they treated and lasered away but warned could return in the future. Finally, the dye test they performed on tubes showed my left fallopian tube was blocked but my right tube had a slow flow and seemed fine. I was warned I was a high rusk to have an ectopic if I managed to conceive.

Feb 2013 (3mths later) I got bfp, the u/s showed that I conceived from my right good tube and they didnt seem concerned but scan was to early to see much. By time I got to 5weeks and 6 days an ectopic was diagnosed in my left blocked tube, so it had some how travelled out of my good tube and instead if implanting in the uterus...kept travelling/swimming and went into my blocked tube.

Anyway had to have surgery to remove the ectopic and taking the blocked tube with it. Was advised to rest and when I am ready we could try again but also advised not to leave to long as anything can happen to my remaining good tube as time past.....I successfully had another bfp this year, ending of jan 2014. I knew I still had to receive the all clear so although was thinking positive thoughts I had to be abit optimistic (I think thats the word)...2-3 weeks later, again I was diagnosed with another ectopic and just felt like the world and mt body was against me.
I opted for the methotrexate Injection and ended up having 2shots of it. Even this didnt work and by time I got to 8 weeks, I had severe internal bleeding and ended up being rushed into surgery as could have been fatal. After me pleading, they managed to save and salvage my remaining tube, after removing the ectopic.

just before surgery, my consultant was discussing wanting to remove my remaining tube and consider ivf for the future. This was something I couldn't bring myself to allow them to do, which is why I still was able to hang on to it. I was warned that after now having 2ectopics and only 1tube im now an even higher risk from it happening again although I could get lucky so they say.

I recently had an appt with my gynae consultant to discuss options that may be available for me to possibly conceive naturally or at least find out the status of my tube as in sure it now definitely has scarring and adhesions. Im also wondering could it be that the tubes cillia may not be functioning properly or if its narrow, and my mind wont stop speculating which is so frustrating as me and my partner would love another child, as he doesn't have any and I do have my beautiful 1st born, but the need to have another is still just as strong and I am trully thankful that I was blessed to gave one so far.

Im due to have a hsg in a few weeks once af arrives, which should appear anytime this week. Also at 1st, my gynae was actually trying to encourage me to keep trying to conceive naturally fir few more months and if no success then have an hsg which I thought was ludicrous as he had previously stated the main thing was to try finding out if my tube was open or not, yet he was encouraging me to put my life at risk knowing im an high risk if having ectopics before doing the test but I explained why the hsg had to be done 1st so he understood in the end....also last week I started to take the cinnamon and poria tablets I've heard alot talking about, since I started taking it I did feel stuff or lil twingish pain going on in my tube and assuming its ovulation or egg just travelling around. And also, 2days ago I have also started taking the serrapeptase enzyme (80,000IU) to see if they help me in any type of way by time I have hsg.

This whole journey has been physically, mentally and emotionally draining, painful and very frustrating but im trying to remain positive and hope I can avoid surgery.

Was just wondering if anyone has been through a similar experience and baby dust to you all on your journey in your personal situations

(Sorry for the long essay)

Grateful for any advice or even just hearing your personal stories. I think although its sad an frustrating circumstances, its nice to know there are individuals that come together to offer support, advice an words of comfort through painful experiences and also trying to keep the faith


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I am going through my 2nd ectopic as well. the 1st time (last year 2014), part of my right fallopian was removed and this time I had the methotrexate as well. I literally had no energy for anything and had two doses of it as well. My one child that i have from a previous relationship kept saying "mommy please dont die" because all I could do was sleep.I had no energy. the Doctors tell me the same thing, how I am at a high risk and if it happens again they're just going to remove the whole tube so that it won't happen again. My doctors never told me about any HSG tests, or anything. Its only because of my will to learn and research that I know anything. Its like the poorer one is the less anyone cares to help. "sucks to be you kid" One really has to help themselves. But i'm one that believes there is ALWAYS HOPE. And I was doing the serrapeptase for about 3 months but it made my gums bleed so I stopped. I shouldnt have done that. Now i'm going to do it again and forget the bleeding gums, I rather have that than risk another ectopic. This journey was a true battle of the mind, body and spirit. Peace to all the Warrior Goddesses out here to experience this (and of course the loss of any baby at any stage).
Let me/us know how your protocol is going. :)
Magick fairy baby dust to all of us.

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