like what the heck!!!

Ashley - posted on 12/04/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




sorry moms just really needed to vent and figured this is the best place fill free to help me see the insight here but ya.. so I just had to text my mom to call me so I could give her some bad news the new was that a old friend of hers just had her mother pass away last night.. this friend is also the mother to one of my younger brothers anyways another story there ... so i told her to give me a call i had some bad news and i didnt want to give it to her in a text message so she walked to my grandmas just down the street to call me and i gave her the news and shes like oh thats it .. I was worried it was something with your brother or you were gonna tell me im gonna be a grandma again... and I just said no thats it but I was thinking how dare you say that she loves her grandkids well I know she adores our oldest some times I do wonder about the younger one but im sitting here thinking like really how could it be that bad if we were to have another child i mean we are married and both our kids are very healthy very well taken care of .. we live on our own we have NEVER been dependant on her .. plus she can barely feed her self and my brothers when they both lived with her .. we have never been late on rent never had a utility shut off unlike her... always have food in the house and our children have never not had a thing they need or want ... so why would it be so bad to have another child .. sorry its just annoying me thanks for listening everyone


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Olesya - posted on 12/04/2010




Talking from a personal experience
Have you talked to her about it to see what she meant to say? If not talk to her calmly and if you don’t like what she tells you just tell her to not make comments like that again and explain why. People say staff they don’t mean all the time she might not even notice she does it. Give her a benefit of a doubt she might surprise you. Just remember stay calm no matter what. Good Luck.

Ashley - posted on 12/04/2010




My youngest was alittle bit difficult I guess I had to be induced and there was alot of fluid but nothing to bad and My mother wasnt allowed in the room lol... but I dont know.. shes always making comments like that I con understand her not wanting any from my brothers yet since they havent really started out their lives yet and the youngest is 15 lol but the comment was directed at me and she always makes remarks like this one like when she was getting rid of baby stuff at her place she goes just my luck i will get rid of this crap and there will be a new baby ok sorry im vent again!

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Did you have a traumatic time giving birth to your babies? I had different problems with both of mine and my Mum always said she didn't want me to have any more because she was too worried about the effect it would have on my health.

Katherine - posted on 12/04/2010




Well that was pretty insensitive of her!!! I would be a little upset too.

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