Little dude falls

Chris - posted on 09/11/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




So monday my son was running around naked (as usual haha) and peed and before i could get to him slipped in it..banana peel style..flat on his back wacked his head on the tile in the process. Then Tuesday night i get a call at work frm my grandmother (my mom and i live with her and my mom was watching him) and she says he hit his HEAD and got a nosebleed..(insists hes fine ..bleed stopped quickly etc) freaking out of course now though..told her get to the e.r...they show up and my mom says he hit his NOSE not his head. Im like guys...big difference..theyre arguing..apparently from different angles it was hard to tell (was on the corner of a coffee table..such is my luck) anyway i decide were already there he can get checked and sent them home. Doc says hes acting fine hes fine. Not really the most thorough but nothing was apparently majorly wrong. So thurs night he is stirring IN his sleep on and off for hours whining and rubbing the back of his head..needless to say i was at the pediatrician 2pm fri. He says hes fine..did a much better cranial exam ..isnt concerned etc. Tonight (fri night) baby was stirring and started crying pretty good and grabbing at his nose area..settled when i put him on my chest.
Anyway im a beyond paranoid mama. I generally dont take him to the doc a lot but im always thinking the worst. My mom and grandma think hes fine and im dramatic (although im not inclined to listen to them at all after this incident lol. .i know accidents happen but im still pissed) and my husbands out of town so im at a loss for some friendly guidance/advice.
Thanks for reading my novel mamas

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