living situation for unwed parents to be, what is best?

Jane - posted on 01/30/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 24 Yr old son and his 19 yr old girlfriend are expecting a baby in July. Right now they live separately and are working on their relationship. Their leases are up soon and they need to figure out what is best as far as living arrangements. 1. Live separately (they get along much better with their own space) and just remail seeing and supporting each other? 2. Move in together ?Saves money but may be stressful and cause frustration which will only get worse once baby is born. 3. Girlfriend move home for support and to save money etc (but hm is 1 hr away from the babys father) They say they are in love but my son thinks adoption is the best for all and his girlfriend wants nothing to do with it (as of now) Anybody out there have any similar circumxtances they could share with me? jane


Amy - posted on 01/30/2013




If your son wants to put up the baby for adoption and she doesn't the most supportive environment for her would probably be back home with her parents. Then if your son decides he wants to be involved he can make that commitment and drive an hour to see the baby. But they both need to decide what's best for them, but if they do sign a lease together they should only rent an apartment that one of them can pay on their own should it not work out.


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Really, it is whatever they think will be best for them. If he wants to adopt out the baby, and she doesn't, living together may not be the best option.

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