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Im a divorced mother of a 21 year old that has her life together she owns her first home, she has 2 small children and she is unemployed therefore I have moved in with her to assit her with raisisng her children, as well as eas some of the finacial burden on me, she is alot mor finacially stable than I am at the moment, I have one room and use of the family bathroom he has a 5 bedroom home and 2 sisters living with her am i interfering with her parenting when she disceplines my oldest grandson and i pamper him after?


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Krista - posted on 06/08/2011




Yeah, you'll want to talk to your daughter and check out her feelings on this. There is nothing worse than having your own parent undermining your authority with your child. It can be very, very frustrating. Plus, it's not doing any favours to your grandson, because it greatly reduces his incentive to behave nicely.

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pretty much. it's very frustrating to have someone give in to your kid or let them muck up when you're supposed to be teaching them the right thing. i also agree with christy two different parenting styles don't work on the same kid they have to have consistency.

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Yes, you most certainly are. I've lived with my parents and my in laws and that is the hardest thing to deal with as parents. What we decided on was if I wasn't around to discipline, grandma better do it. But if I'm there to discipline, grandma better stay out of it. Period. No coddling afterwards. He's got to learn that mom is the boss and what mom expects of him is right. When grandma steps in to make things all better, this tells him mom is not doing a good job as the mom. Even if you don't agree with what she has said or done, you tell your grandson that you fully support her because she's the mom. If you don't stop, there we be serious behavior problems with this boy down the line.

I tell you this not just as a mom, but as a school teacher and a counselor!

Christy - posted on 06/08/2011




Depends on the amount of time that passes after the discipline from her takes place. IF you are doing it right after then yes you are. If it's an hour or so later (depending on his age) I don't see an issue. Don't go against her wishes on raising her children. Have you talked to her about this? Is she upset w/ you about this?

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