Living with your mom and your kids

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I am going thru a divorce when we was together I let him stay with me and after we broke up I found out I was evicted from my apartment because we moved. Now I have to live with my mom and my twin babies. He know longer around and I can't find apartment with an eviction notice on my record now.


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I'm assuming that "he" is the father of your children?

I really hate to tell you this, but generally, you don't get "evicted because we moved". You get evicted for moving WITHOUT NOTIFYING YOUR LANDLORD. You get evicted for NON PAYMENT OF RENT. You get evicted because of consistent complaints from other tenants.

So, look back, figure out what you and he did that CAUSED the eviction. If it was something that HE was responsible for, take him to court, get it sorted. If it was for something that you BOTH were responsible for, you probably will need a lot of security, and perhaps an extremely binding contract before anyone will ever consider renting to you again.

If you were in an apartment that you were supposed to give a certain amount of notice prior to vacating, and you just up and left, you violated your contract. Of course you aren't going to be looked upon favorably for violating a contract.

What you need to do now is strive to prove that you have learned from that experience, and that you will be more responsible in the future. Honestly, you may just want to look into purchasing your own home. It's more economically stable, your kids will be better off with a stable home, and you will have something of value if you should ever need to secure a loan against it.

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