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Lisa - posted on 05/03/2009 ( 13 moms have responded )




I have very close niebours, we have a large play structure in our back yard so our house is the "cool" hangout for all the kids. My son constantly is fighting with these kids, it's all I ever hear about. I tell these kids to go home but they either ignore me or just come back. Recently one of thier parents called me a dirty word for sending his children home. I want my peace and I refuse to break up fights in my back yard all the time. I also try to enforce that my kids have to stay in thier yard but they don't allways do that. What should I do?


Amie - posted on 05/03/2009




Oh we had this problem before those neighbors finally moved. I thank my lucky stars for that. Most of the kids in our neighborhood are ok kids. Granted they all get into little fights now and then but that's normal. They all know the rules for each house, they all follow the rules at those houses.
Now for this one family that's moved.... good lord those kids were the devil incarnate each and every one of them I swear. They would try to parent the other kids in the neighborhood, they would even go so far as to come and tell the adults what WE were doing wrong, (these are not teenagers, preteens, anything like that these are kids the same age as the rest of them 3-8 yrs.) they would play in our yards(even the locked ones~ kids can climb!) when no one was home, they would walk into our homes if our doors weren't locked, they had bad sass mouth, they didn't listen to any adults including their parents, god the list goes on don't it? lol!
Everyone was constantly sending these kids home because of the above behavior. The mom came and confronted us, lord knows why she picked us probably because we're the "young family". She sure didn't like what we had to say and went on to have a screaming fit in our yard. So much for adults being mature and handling things nicely. We never had a problem with those kids again after that though, they were banned from our house. Only time I ever saw them listen to their parents. ha.
You can try talking to the parents, it might end in the same result even if they flip out and you won't have to worry about the kids ever again. Hopefully they don't flip out though and are civil. Keep sending the kids home though, it is your home and your rules. They don't like it, oh well they can play elsewhere. =)

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just keep sending other kids home too bad if their parents don't like it . your not there responsibility. they will soon get the hint to stop fighting and play or stay away.

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I completely agree with Dawn. Your yard, your play area, your decision. You aren't a public play area or a babysitter, and should make that clear to other parents. Good luck!

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Tell the kids they have to follow the rules at your home and respect your children or they go home and stay home. Let the parents know that is what you told their kids and you don't mind them being over and playing but you won't tolerate the fighting or disrespect that comes along with them at times. If it gets where you feel you have no control over the situation any longer call the police let them do the talking for you. It's always nice to be friendly with neighbors but sometimes parenting differences can't make that happen.

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I know you don't want to start a neighborhood war, but it's your yard and your play structure and you are liable if anyone gets hurt while on your property. You get to say who is there. If the other kids' parents can't understand that, too bad. Find a nice way to talk to them about it, but they need to understand that their kids are trespassing. It is called PRIVATE property for a reason!

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I completely agree with Elizabeth Baer's comment.... That seems to be the most sound advice... Good luck!

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If my kids leave our yard without permission, they get a time-out the first time. The next time they have to spend the rest of the day in the house.

With the neighbor kids, if you send them home and they come back I would call their parents and explain that you've sent them home and they can't come back until tomorrow.

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Make the parents sign a liability waiver if there is no way to keep the kids out. That way at least you cant get sued.

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you could just put up a fence to keep out the little " hoodlums"..lol bc if you did that they would have no reason to come and the parents wouldn't be able to say anything but you should have all the say in it..it is your yard you shouldn't have to deal with other peoples kids in your yard and having them get mad when you ask them to leave..

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If it was me id sell the play structure thing on ebay! and take ur kiddies to the park. drastic i know, so perhaps try what Brendalle Keate posted first. good luck!

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I would sit down with the other parents and have a scheduled "watch time" for all kids parents to be involved in supervising kids in the back yard. If they do not want to help, than lock up your back yard.

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You've probably thought of this but have you considered a fence...if you don't have one already, of course. I would keep doing what you are doing as far as sending the kids home. If the parents continue with the name calling you could call in the police and charge them with tresspassing. OR you could always get a really big dog. :)

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Is your yard fenced? If so lock it. If not get one. Last resort which would be unfortunate is to remove the play structure. I think I would talk to the parent and tell them I was not out there supervising and that you were not willing to have kid in the back when you could not be out there. If children were to get hurt you are on the hook for any medical expences. When kids are fighting things get dangerous

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