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I have been married to my husband for 32 years. We have been together for 38 years. We met when we were seniors in high school. He was in the Air Force the first eleven years of our marriage, and after he got out, he became a truck driver. We have two sons, who are now 29 and 27. Both are married with children now. When my husband started driving, they were nine and seven years old. I worked full time, so it was hectic to make sure we were all ready, and drop them off at school and get to work on time. The weekends were our chance to be together, and make sure that everyone was okay. In 2008 my kidneys failed (I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was seventeen) and I had to be medically retired. I had to start dialysis until I could find a transplant. I thought this would not be difficult since I have six brothers. They were all tested, and they are all B blood type,, and I am an A! My husband is an O, but by this time he had become a type2 diabetic! I had two nephews who were tested, and neither of them matched. Finally, my sons were tested, and they are both As! My son Drew was a perfect match, and in July of 2010, he gave me one of his kidneys! I have not been in the hospital for five years! My husband was often off during this time, to help me through some of these situations. One of the hardest things has been getting used to being in a wheelchair, and being at home all the time. My husband is part of a team, and is usually gone during the week. Both of my boys and their families live within an hour of us, but it is still awfully lonely. I had gotten used to my husbands schedule. It helped me to be busy during the week, knowing that we were going to be together on the weekend. When I became disabled, I had to stop driving. I am pretty much housebound. I find myself missing my husband so much now! I am an avid reader, so I keep myself busy reading as much as I can. I am able to do all kinds of housework - everything but vacuaming, which my husband does on Saturdays. Do you ladies have any advice about being lonely? I find myself getting mad at him, when I know he is lonely too

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