Looking for a good pediatric endo in Atlanta

Carla - posted on 04/28/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is 13 years old and 4'11'' which is considerably shorter than his peers. We recently got a bone density test done and his bone age came out at 14 years. Based on this his estimate adult height is estimated to be 5'3''. I so desperately want him to add 2-3 inches and get to ~ 5'6". Both me and my husband are short (under 5' 4") so there is familial shortness at play, but I am beginning to see him feel his lack of height compared to his peers. We encourage him a lot and constantly remind him that he is an absolutely normal kid, but I want to give him a fighting chance at being able to grow.

I would like to take my son to a good endocrinologist who can get him on HGH and get him the best chance at attaining those extra 2-3 inches. We know he is most likely not going to be a tall person, but at 5'6" for example, I think it will be much better than at 5'3".

Does anyone know of a good pediatric endocrinologist in the Atlanta area, especially the northeast part of Atlanta. We have an endocrinologist we go to currently, but I am not satisfied, as every visit is the routing check with the "we'll keep monitoring" response. In the meantime, my son is losing time to be able to do something about his height.

I appreciate any help I can get here!

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