looking for advice on report cards that I don't agree with

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I am looking for advice on how to explain to a second grade teacher that my son is trying his best to get great marks. This year the teacher is teaching grade 2-3 together french emmersion. My son age 7 comes home very excited to see his remarks from his second report card(feeling he will get at least one mark higher then the beginning of the year from B's to A's and from Satisfactory to Good or Excellent) When he opens it he sees the same marks as last year and B now to C's he starts to cry! I explain to him that I am going to go read it and then we will talk, I know he sees I am not happy! I tell him I am not mad I just need to read this to understand. So I ask my son how do you feel about these marks as we go through what the teacher wrote for comments. He say's to me mom I tried so hard and I know myself we have done so much extra work since his last report card because I want my son to feel confident in his work. Now I am not sure how to approach this with the teacher, Do I explain how Julien felt? Do I bring all the extra work we have worked on? Do I just let her tell me what he needs to work on. I also want to mention my husband and I have gone to two parent teacher meetings(and she said that Julien is doing very well) and I volunteer with the school. So any positive comments on how to approach this would be great. Thanks for reading!!


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You cannot talk a grade up because your kid tried hard. Grades are not given based on effort, they are given based on what is earned in the work. It is pretty black and white, you either get the answers right or wrong. I would ask the teacher what he needs to work on. Just because a child puts a lot of effort in does not mean he is an A student.

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Does the teacher not see that he's working hard, and makes comments such as, "Not working up to his potential" that are bothering you?

If she's not trying to encourage him, I would have a problem with that. On the other hand, grades are grades, no matter how he feels about it. They don't come through trying hard, they come through knowing the right answers on the test.

If I were you, I'd make an appointment to talk to her as soon as possible, and tell her that your son is really going the extra mile, but he can't seem to get an A, and what would she suggest?

As for your son, I think that you could lean more heavily on, "You did your best, and I'm proud of you for working so hard." and make less of a big deal about the grades.


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Where do you live Rachelle? I ask because the french emmersion? Because in different areas marks mean different things. For example in my area A's are left for extemptional work, a child doing above their grade level. B's are what are considered working well at their grade level. C's are undestanding the work but could do a bit more effort at their grade level, while D's mean working below their grade level. (Stupid grading system)

I hate that my area change the grading around so everytime I read my childrens report cards I have to remind myself, its very hard to actually get an A, and we celebrate B's as they are A's.

I also agree with the other mothers here just because hes working hard at home, he may not be working hard at school.

Rachelle - posted on 02/19/2012




I set up an meeting with the teacher so I will find out more answers. Thanks everyone for the comments

Sarah - posted on 02/19/2012




Report cards don't necessarily reflect effort, they reflect the results of those efforts. So what is there to disagree with? Talk to the teacher and ask her for some focal areas he needs to work harder on, and tips on how to get him to grasp the subject matter better. Also keep in mind, not ever kid is an "A" student. You aren't there in the classroom every day, she is. Just because he has effort at home doesn't mean he's reflecting it at school. Talk to her to help your son, not to confront her on how unfair you think her grading is. That's the point of report cards, so that the parents can track their child's progress throughout the year and identify areas they need to focus on.

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