Looking for help on getting my 21 month old to eat solid foods.

Stacy - posted on 06/15/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 21 month old will only eat certain foods (breads, cookies, soft food, certain softer fruits, occasionally chicken nuggest, etc), but will not eat what-I-call "grown-up" food (meat, veges, hot-dogs, rice).

It's a combination of 2 things, she seems to be able to visually pick out the foods mentioned above and not even give them a chance, or else if we're able to trick it into her mouth, she'll immediately spit it out.

She's not starving by any means, but I'd like to be able to feed her the same food we're eating for dinner rather than always cooking her toast and supplementing it with a veggie-pack to make sure she's getting the proper nutrients. We often give her dinner w/o giving her anything she likes, she'll either fuss through it, or just go to bed w/o eating. And we've showed her a lot of these foods on her plate/high-chair numerous times for her to become familiar with.

Any advice? Or will this just come in time...


Kristen - posted on 06/15/2015




Yes, she will eventually want to eat what you're eating. Try to make grown up versions of what she likes. For example, instead of giving her the frozen processed chicken nuggets, make your own baked chicken tenders. If you're eating steak, give it to her with some sweet sauce she would like. Melt cheese over the veggies, (try real cheese, not the processed kind).
I have an issue with kids being addicted to the processed foods, and why I would want my kid eating "grown up" food as well.

Good luck!

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