Looking for some opinions on feeding options.

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Baby is due in a little over a week, and I plan to breastfeed as long as all is well in that department. I like the idea of after about a month or so using a pump and the boob, so daddy can partake in feedings also. Any takes on what the disadvantages would be in doing so?


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I think that is a perfect way to do it. That is what I did with my son. If you introduce a bottle to soon, you can have the dilemma of nipple confusion. If you introduce a bottle to late, they may never take it. With my son, I offered him a bottle at about 1 month. With my daughter, it was 2 late. I offered it about 2 1/2 months, and she refused it. NEVER took it.

Pumping is a great way to store up your milk. Make sure you get the proper freezing bags. I really liked the Lansinoh bags. They were nice and thick, never got freezer burn, and they stood up. I tried Medella bags, Gerber bags, but the Lansinoh are the best by far.

Just remember, pumping is never as efficient as what the baby will get out. So you may only get a couple of ounces from each breast, but don't be alarmed. Your baby is getting much more.

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