Looking for support have sexualy abused kids

Ashlee - posted on 02/03/2018 ( 4 moms have responded )




My name is ashlee i have two children who have been sexually abused. I found out 3years ago and haven't dealt with it emotionally. I just need people to talk with to try and make sense of it and stay to heal.


Christy - posted on 02/08/2018




Dear Ashlee,
I am a child sexual abuse prevention expert and a survivor of abuse myself and my daughter was also molested by her teacher so I have a lot of experience with this. I would definitely find a group that understands what you are going through so that you can get more support from people who have been in your shoes and understand that the majority of people do not seek help for this for a very long time, sometimes decades. Every person is different. I am happy that you are seeking support and want to make sure the kids have been taken care of. There are many organizations on line like MOSAC - Mothers of Sexually Abused Children and RAINN, etc. Having a therapist with lots of experience in this helped me so did EMDR therapy. Your kids will need therapy throughout their lives, they may not want it but pay attention to what is happening with them and if they are showing signs of ptsd or trauma please get them therapy. There is free therapy available to victims through your local state agencies. If you need anything else I am an Advocate for Victims and that is also my company name and website. Big hugs mama, hang in there.


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Mary - posted on 02/06/2018




It is a long time to wait and that's not good, you let those emotions fester and they can take over but good for your for trying, I mean it could be that it took you some time to "come to accept it" and again, yeah 3 years is a long to to wait but it is what it is, so maybe start by going to a local church and consulting with the preist/preacher to see if they're aware of support groups and perhaps find a therapist, pref a phd/md level therapist who isn't a biased freak. They're hard to find but look and ask around and best of luck

Sarah - posted on 02/04/2018




You found out 3 years ago and are seeking help now? Why? Not that help at anytime is wrong, but this is a long time to wait.

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